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A Bit About Me - Your Southern Maryland Real Estate Agent!

Posted by countrylakesmd on December 28, 2008 at 7:02 PM Comments comments (28)

Welcome to my blog! I am Marie Lally and I am a real estate agent with O?Brien Realty in Southern Maryland. I also own and operate a new construction related business, Home Builder Services, which provides quality management and warranty management services to builders in Maryland who take an extra-interest in providing their clients with a quality product. My future blog entries may focus on both real estate and quality management, but will also include some of my other interests such as birds, boating, fishing, food, Southern Maryland, etc. So please visit often and be sure to check out my website which offers resources for homebuyers and sellers in Charles County, Saint Mary?s County and Calvert County.

A little about me:
Growing up with an Italian father and a Greek mother, just outside of Philadelphia, has molded me into what I am today?somewhat loud, often feisty, naturally a negotiator, and very proud of my heritage. Somehow I missed the boat on many domestic qualities, especially cooking, but I sure did inherit the love of good food ? especially good Italian and Greek food (go figure) since my mom had spoiled me with her great cooking and baking skills (except for that rock-hard mound of meat she calls meatloaf - sorry mom).

I went to school in Pennsylvania and continued on to college at Penn State University, then graduated from Temple University. I earned bachelor degrees in Statistics and Economics. I didn?t realize how much I missed life at home until I moved out on my own after accepting a job with the Census Bureau/Department of Commerce here, in Maryland. It was exciting to have a job and be financially responsible for myself, but I never learned how to cook, to do laundry, to be even remotely domestic ? I wish there was a college course for that! I taught myself how to do laundry by frequenting the dry-cleaners. I found myself going home to my parents? house every weekend to stock up on my mom?s homemade delights?I never realized how good I had it at home and wished that I had extended my stay at home by continuing my education! I lived on cans of tuna, wonder bread and iceberg lettuce when I ran out of the food my mom packed for me each week. Talk about going from gourmet to gory?but I survived.

I was your typical 20-something year old?Got married, had a beautiful child, juggled home life and work. Then I was a typical 30-something year old?got separated from my husband, raised my beautiful daughter, juggled home life and work, and changed careers. Now, I am your typical 40-something year old?got divorced, am raising my beautiful daughter, juggling home life and work. Life changes, but life is good and sure beats the alternative!

My work experience:
Teenage years: I was not blessed with domestic skills but I do have a God-given talent for music, more specifically classical piano. I was good (not so good now, as I don?t have time) and taught classical piano when I was in high school and college to a slew of student ? both adults and kids. If was a fun and rewarding job for me?plus, it was money?good money for a kid!

My 20s to early 30s: I was a statistician for the government?I can?t say that I loved it but the money and benefits were good. Being tied to a desk and crunching numbers was a difficult task for me?I tried to make it work?I lasted 10 LONG YEARS before I managed to escape?That day is among the happiest, most memorable days of my life?finally free to be me, again.

My 30s: I was Vice President of a home improvements company, owned and operated by my (then) husband and me. It was fun ? I learned all about construction, from bidding jobs to pricing jobs to selling jobs to insurance jobs to customer service. I learned how to market the company, how to knock on doors, how to ask for business, how to succeed. Unfortunately, the company fell victim to my separation.

My mid to late 30s: After realizing that construction and ?anything home? related were what made me tick, I sold new construction in Lexington Park for a homebuilder. I had never sold a home before but caught on quickly. I did very well and loved it. I loved my homebuyers, I loved my builder, I loved my job of helping people build their dream.

Late 30s: And then there is Home Builder Services ? a concept I came up with when a need arose with a large local builder that I had prior affiliations with. This business boomed when new home sales were hot! I worked with National builders, small local builders, mid-sized builders ? I traveled from Southern Maryland to the Eastern Shore to near the Pennsylvania border, performing quality standards inspections for builders. I did well and loved every second of it. Then the market died?.so, Home Builder Services is a very ?part-time? business, but still functioning and has taken on other services such as customer/warranty service to keep from sinking.

Late 30s-present: So here we are, back in the present and I am a realtor with O?Brien Realty, serving Charles County, Saint Marys County, Calvert County and Lower PG County. All is good?although I wish I was busier and not having time to ramble on about the ?history of Marie? in hopes of catching someone?s attention who might be looking to sell or purchase a home. And, if that someone is you, give me a call ? I invite you to ask me for a free CMA and home evaluation?I invite you to ask me to run you searches of homes in Southern Maryland that meet your customized criteria?I invite you to give me a call and ask me about my services for buyers and sellers. I invite you to give me a call so I can tell you about my marketing strategy!

Thanks for taking the time to read this?.hopefully you got a little chuckle and have now found yourself a realtor for today, tomorrow and always?have a great day!

Marie Lally, Realtor

O?Brien Realty

Direct: 301-748-8698

Office: 301-884-7400